Magic Manipulation

Magic manipulation is the skill of manipulating the magic that exists in the world of Aradrihl

The base value for magic manipulation is based on pow+con. Any caster must make a check against this skill before they can harvest magic points for use. A crit when harvesting magic points will result in the caster completely filling their magic points, stealing magic points from nearby entities if the local aura is sufficiently drained.

Anyone wishing to use magic must posses the required amount of magic points for the spell they are attempting to cast; in Aradrihl the maximum number of magic points that a person can retain permanently is equal to one quarter of their power divided by four and rounded, a caster is easily capable of holding more magic points than this that are gained by use of the magic manipulation skill, however a skill check must be made against the caster’s magic manipulation either every two hours, or every combat round at the beginning of the casters first combat action, if this skill check is unsuccessful the caster will lose 1d8 magic points, not reducing their magic points below their maximum retained magic points.
When attempting to gather magic points from the aura the caster makes a skill check against their magic manipulation skill and gains 1d6 magic points plus 1d6 for every 30% in their magic skill above 30%.

In some cases the caster may wish to use magic manipulation to attempt to steal magic points held by a target, should the caster attempt such a thing he is to roll his magic manipulation against the higher of either the target’s persistence, or their magic manipulation skill.

Magic Manipulation

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