Edwin Kennard

Aged guardsman chasing his dream...


Edwin was born to an average peasant family living in a large city; his mother was a midwife, and his father was a carpenter. Edwin was born as the first child of the family that would later grow to 5 members. He was given the name Edwin, meaning rich friend, by his parents who hoped he would be a successful and friendly person. During his adolescent life, Edwin took on the role of a second father to his siblings, and was in charge of the family when his father was called away on business.

As he grew, Edwin underwent apprenticeship, and began training as a guardsman under his father’s friend, Thomas. Thomas was a kind man and did not go to great lengths to discipline the already obedient Edwin. Over the course of Edwin’s training, he and Thomas became good friends and remained so into Edwin’s adulthood.

During his adult life, family was still very important to Edwin, and he supported his aging parents with much of his income. When his mother fell ill, Edwin worked as much as he could to support the family and pay doctor bills, eventually becoming a workaholic.

Several years later, Edwin’s mother died of her chronic illness and he became closer once again to his remaining family members.

Now, having come of a certain age, Edwin is undergoing a midlife crisis as circumstances prevented him from pursuing his dream of becoming a heroic adventurer. In an effort to become a hero, Edwin spends the nights after his shift equipping a set of armor and wandering the night attempting to stop evildoers and injustices.

Edwin was raised by his parents to be polite and friendly, and he followed their teachings well. Edwin would always strive to be kind, and he made many friends during primary school.

As he grew Edwin became more passionate about his kind nature, dreaming of becoming a hero, and protector of the people. He became friends with his fathers friend, Thomas, who accepted him as an apprentice guardsman. Edwin happily spent time learning his vocation and saving money to follow his dream.

When tragedy struck his family Edwin became more stern and focused, attempting to support his father and siblings. This eventually led to him giving up his dreams of adventuring in order to more fully cherish his time with his family, though he retained his workaholic tendencies.

After a long period of working, the guard captain ordered Edwin to take a vacation…


Edwin Kennard

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